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Steel is a unique material because it has recycled steel. Each year, millions of tons of steel products are recycled by steel mills into every ton of new steel produced. In addition, new steel products can themselves be recycled. As steel is recycled, it maintains its strength and integrity so it can be made into one product after another.

Recycling of one tonne scrap steel saves 80% of CO2 emissions. Recycling 7 steel cans saves enough energy to power a 60 watt bulb for 26 hours. Steel cans contain 25% of recycled content and are completely recyclable. Virtually every car that has been driven on road can be recycled if wasted. Or, else they could cause a traffic jam circling the Earth more than one three quarter times. When the steel in just six cars are recycled we can get enough steel to build a new house. And the very important fact about steel is that we cannot make new steel without recycled steel.

About 75 percentages of all major appliances are made of steel. So is the scrap produced also and all the steel scrap is recyclable. And the main property of steel recycling is, steel never looses its strength. Major part of industrial waste produced is steel. They can be absolutely recycling into new steel and the waste can be reduced.