Ferrous Scrap

AVK group is one of largest Groups trading in all kinds of Ferrous Scrap in Mumbai,India. We supply ferrous scrap in every segment of the steel market that enables steel mills, Alloy steel plants and Foundries across India to produce a broad range of high quality finished and semi-finished products. The Group's Ferrous Division handles around 6 million kgs of Ferrous Scrap annually, catering to the raw material requirements of steel industry in India.

AVK Group caters exclusively to the scrap requirements of Foundries and Casting units across India. Our collection yards are strategically located across Mumbai to ensure scrap collection from all the major companies and their ancillary units.

HMS 1&2 Scrap

HMS stands for 'Heavy melting scrap'. HMS 2 contains galvanized and blackened steel whereas HMS 1 doesn't. It is the generic term for most types of heavy steel scrap, normally cut to a size not exceeding 1.5m x 0.5m. It consists of cut lengths of pipe, re-bar, angles, steel poles, H or I beams, ships plate and so on.

HR Offcut

We are Alos Delivering HR OFf-cut Scrap.

Rail Scrap

We are one of the finest rail scrap distributer.

Shredded Scrap

Homogeneous iron and steel scrap, magnetically separated, originating from automobiles, unprepared No. 1 and No. 2 steel, miscellaneous baling and sheet scrap. Average density 50 - 70 pounds per cubic foot.

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